In the Land of the Flabby Schnook

In the Land of the Flabby Schnook

Dome film or 360 degrees stereoscopic VR film , 60fps.
A little brother asks his big sister how she managed to stop being afraid of the dark. She draws him into a succession of dreamlike tableaus where everything comes alive and through which the little brother learns to confront his own fears.
In the Land of the Flabby Schnook is a contemplative film in which the viewer discovers a magical place through the eyes of the protagonists.

Producer and director: Francis Gélinas
Text: Francis Monty
Compositing: Francis Gélinas, Martin Jean
Music: Denis Chartrand et Tim Rideout
Sound design: Jean-François Bertrand Sauvé
Voice: Catherine Cyr, Saule Gélinas
Animation: Michèle Paquin, Natasha Vallée-Martin, Olivier Rousseau, Maude Paré, Anne-Marie Robert, Christina Robinson, Gabrielle Leblanc, Marc-André Paquin, Mathieu Dufresne, Éric Guérin