Expo67 LIVE


How is it possible to relive a life size experience of expo67?
With humongous architectural projections, that's how. Hundreds of archive documents combed through, carefully chosen, digitalized, restored, improved and sometimes entirely reproduced with top of the line computer generated image technology.

For an immersive multi-screen result of more than 16,000 pixels deployed in 360 degrees, with more than 30 speakers right on a piece of architecture build at the very time of expo. Un archival film, without any narration in which the spectator visits many unavoidable moments and sites of expo67 as if actually present.

Production : René Chénier
Director : Karine Lanoie-Brien
Artistic director : Francis Gélinas
Production coordination : Lisa Sfriso
Postproduction coordination : Michele Paquin
Video editing : Jacqueline Mills, Marlene Poulin, Alexandre Maltais
Postproduction direction : Francis Gélinas
Matte Painting : Martin Jean, Charly Chive, Philippe Langlois
Compositing : Gabriel Jetté, Fåbien Døstie
2D animation : Michèle Paquin,
3D animation : Gael Jacques, Jan Verburg