Good Night Pop Pop

Good Night Pop Pop is a short story about a young raccoon who says goodbye to his granddad through play. His cardboard box becomes a car, then a space rocket and a boat. Eventually, we understand that his granddad has passed away. From then on, imagination and loving memories will be his gateway to meet with his grandfather.

Frame by frame animation of a foam latex and aluminum wire puppet. The elements of the landscape are either moved each frame (the bushes) or replaced (the water waves)

Direction: Francis Gélinas,
Text: Francis Monty,
Animation: Francis Gélinas, Jeanne Bertoux,
Accessories: Francine Deschamps, Gabriel Deschamps Cyr,
Music: Denis Chartrand, Jean-Claude Cyr,
Sound Design: Jean-François Bertrand Sauvé,
Compositing: Francis Gélinas, Martin Jean, Jeanne Bertoux.