On Parle de Sexe


"On parle de sexe" is a project produced by Echomedia in which Couleur.tv directed the "Bon à savoir" segment.

The result : 35 funny, raw and honest educative video capsules presenting the subject through stop-motion, on-set shoot, motion design and 2D animation.
Production : Echomedia
Director : Francis Gélinas
Assistant-director : Martin Jean
Animation coordinator : Lou Sauvajon
Lead 2D animator : Guillaume Choinière
2D animators : Natasha Vallée-Martin, Guillaume Choinière, Jérôme Léonard, Karolina Kossut, Anne-Marie Robert, Fanie Thuot, Vincent Gosselin, Frédérique Guay
2D Character conception : Lou Rigoudy
2D Character design : Benoit Godbout
Clean-up Artist : Nathan Sioui
2D Rigging : Michèle Paquin, Marc-André Paquin, William Misquith, Élodie Robillard, Marielle Cuthbertson, Anne-Marie Robert.
2D Background and props design : Caroline Beauchamp, Karolina Kossut.
2D Scene Planning : Karolina Kossut, Gabriel Jetté
Stop-Motion animation : Jeanne Bertoux
Cameramans : Francis Gélinas, Martin Jean
Set Props persons : Francine Deschamps, Alix Mouysset
Stop-Motion Rigging : Éric Goulet
Editing, Motion Design and compositing : Francis Gélinas, Gabriel Jetté, Martin Jean
Sound Design and mix : Jean-François Sauvé