Welcome to couleur.tv

We are ninjas of the imagination, we work in any media! With passion, we explore visual and narrative horizons, intertwining words and images in an enchanting dance.

It is our mission:

We strive to evoke emotions by offering new narrative perspectives. To achieve this, we harness technology to fuel our creative madness.

Collaboration is our mantra. From small businesses to big brands, we have embraced every realm, from obscure animated films to funky visual designs, and even the boldest of shoots.

Francis Gélinas

Creative Director

Martin Jean

Lead Motion Design

Dulciane Desautels

Artistic Director

Sarah Brouillet

Motion Designer

Lise Caro


Marie-Eve Martin

Lead 2D Animation

Our vision is simple:

We aspire to become an international benchmark in immersive narrative content, offering universal experiences that touch, fascinate, and bring together both audiences and artists.

Our values?

With a Zen spirit, we seek relevance in a perpetual flow of creativity.

What do we do?

Motion design, animation, immersive experiences, and sound design. We've created a thousand TV visuals, a thousand advertisements, and a thousand film experiences, immersive series, and projects. All of this for TV, the web, VR, and experiential platforms! Our versatility is our strength; we know all the tricks to achieve our goals!

Come dream with us! We'll create beautiful things together.

Shall we collaborate?