We create jaw-dropping sonic worlds that will leave you all ears.

Voice recording, sound design, audio editing, sound effects, and mixing in stereo, binaural, 360, and surround up to ATMOS 5.1.2... We do it all with passion and nuances.

Mix & recording studio's Technical Information

Acoustic treatment of the studio, booth, and control room carried out by Paul Doonan.
System calibration by Bruno Bélanger (Prim Studio) in collaboration with Stéphane Claude (Oboro).

Booth: 7′ x 11.4′
(Custom Patch Bay with 3 XLR inputs and 3 1/4 jack inputs)

Control Room: 11′ x 11,4′
(Custom Patch Bay with 1 XLR input and 1 1/4 jack input)


Microphone:  Neumann M-149

Pre-amplifier Millennia TD-1

Audio Interface Avid MTRX

Controller Avid S1 equipped with an iPad

Monitors 5 x Neumann KH80 + 2 x Neumann KH80

Subwoofer Neumann KH750

Computer Mac Studio 2022

Display: 47-inch large format wall-mounted screen
and two 22-inch desktop screens

MIDI Controller M-Audio Key Studio

Voltage Regulator-Power ConditionerFurman P-1800  – AR

Headphones Beyerdynamics DT-250

Furniture: Solid wood desk, office chair, and two cozy loveseats, modular and soft lighting.

Softwares: Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Adobe Audition