Epic costumes, dreamlike scenery, and sensual choreography underwater! Couleur.tv handled the production, video editing, and color grading of this superb project by Float 4 for the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Opulence is a metaphor, the flip side of the Cosmopolitan experience where even gravity is different. The performances are showcased at human scale on high-resolution screen columns in the hotel lobby. Breathtaking.

Float4’s great creativity and Aquamedias’ aquatic filming expertise came together for a breathtaking result.

To know more: https://www.float4.com/en/projects/The-Cosmopolitan-Opulence/

Here are the roles fulfilled by Couleur.tv, but it goes without saying that to carry out a project of this magnitude, around thirty more artists contributed.

Direction: Francis Gélinas
Editing: Marlène Poulain
Video Technical Direction and Color Grading: Martin Jean
Assistant: Sarah Brouillet
Coordination: Sarah Jayasuriya



Un petit aperçu du tournage

Crédits photo: Chélanie Beaudin-Quintin

Un Making Of de feu!